From community to mountaintop and lakeside living, Timberlake is ready to partner with you on your home building journey.

As one of the leading builders of custom homes in the mountains of North Georgia & North Carolina, our success is based on our commitment to provide an exceptional building experience.

Beginning with our initial consultation and through your move-in we assist you in managing and implementing the decisions you will make as you build your home. Known for our design innovation, creativity & craftsmanship, each Timberlake home is individually designed and built to reflect your preferences, designs and budget.

Our training and experience enable us to build on the most challenging lots and construction projects. At Timberlake, we are homeowner advocates, communicating with suppliers and specialty contractors and assisting throughout the homebuilding process to ensure that your home is built according to the highest possible standards.

To assist with all aspects of building your home in an individual and personal manner we schedule numerous meetings and consult onsite to assist you as the homeowner to understand & implement your dreams for your new home. We retain artisans and subcontractors who are experts in their specialty, make suggestions for improvements, and provide possible cost saving alternatives.

As we site your home, we take into consideration lot preservation and opportunities to take advantage of the suns radiant heat through proper orientation of your home. Incorporating high quality materials, insulation, energy efficient windows, energy conscious appliances and lighting all contribute to a comfortable home while using less energy. One of our main objectives at Timberlake is to understand and implement your known and sometimes developing plans and preferences for your home.