We can build as much or as little of your home as you need.

If the only thing that has changed since you bought your home is the need for more space or the desire for an updated look, a home renovation may be the best option.

We have the ability to design, work with homeowners who wish to act as their own contractor, or hand you the keys to your completed home.

We give homeowners a single source for design and build services to ensure a project that is seamless, sustainable and satisfying. Our experience includes whole home renovations, the creation of specialty spaces as well as updating interior or exterior designs. Like our new homes, Timberlake has created a process to help homeowners better understand each step of a renovation project.

As your renovation contractor, we can draft the design, estimate costs, set the production schedule, and supervise each phase of construction from permitting to custom design and engineering.

Please contact us about a complimentary consultation for your custom home or renovation. We’ll help transform your home with thoughtful designs and quality craftsmanship.