Chip Shively and Jim Crawford.
We are Timberlake.

Building your Timberlake home begins with an initial consultation with Chip Shively discussing your ideas, plans and​ pictures. From an on-site property visit to design, layout, and budget development, ​​a new home construction or home renovation is personalized to ​your taste and wishes​. Our Timberlake process allows homeowners to create a home that incorporates both personal uniqueness and the peaceful, natural surroundings ​of our mountains and lakes.​

Throughout the building process discussing and implementing your personal design selections, explaining functional and design concepts, and addressing concerns that arise are all part of the service provided by Timberlake. We assure that your home will reflect your vision and dreams and be a place for you and your family to make memories for years to come is our highest goal.

At Timberlake we appreciate that meeting construction timelines and budget is important. We also realize that during the construction process you may have a design or functional change, which is why all custom homes and renovations are monitored daily by Jim Crawford. Jim’s hand on approach ensures that your project is completed when and as you envisioned.

With accumulated experience of over 90 years in the construction and design profession, Chip and Jim bring a wealth of knowledge and ability to the Timberlake Look for your project, enabling you to truly create the home of your dreams.